Webinar: All About Graphs in Egeria

Christine Blum

Tuesday, Augusts 18, 11:00 am US Easter Time

Webinar: All About Graphs in Egeria


Time and Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 11:00am US Eastern Time ODPi Egeria provides a framework for open metadata management, supporting many use cases in the governance of data in Data Lakes - as described in the Egeria Webinar on the 2nd of June "Data Lake Design with Egeria." Egeria operates across the Data Lake, without needing centralization of metadata from different tools into a central tool or repository. Metadata frequently describes relationships between things like assets, schemas, glossaries and terms, and these relationships from graphs. Egeria is distributed in nature, enabling you to see a federated view of the metadata contained in multiple tools and metadata repositories. As a result, the discrete graphs naturally federate to form a distributed graph. In this session we'll cover the Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) layer that enable Egeria to operate across this distributed graph.

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About the Presenter


Graham Wallis is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Data Science and Advanced Analytics . He is currently working on open source technology for Open Metadata for Data Governance, in the Linux Foundation ODPI Egeria Project.

About ODPi Egeria

Egeria is the world’s first open source metadata standard. It provides open APIs, event formats, types and integration logic so organizations can share data management and governance across the entire enterprise without reformatting or restricting the data to a single format, platform, or vendor product.


Data governance and security are critical concerns for data-driven organizations. And increasing government regulations ensure that the use and management of metadata will continue to be an important focus for anyone who uses and stores important data.


Full details on the ODPi Egeria project page: https://www.odpi.org/projects/egeria

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