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  • jenkins locked
    ODPi Jenkins Build Mail
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  • odpi-project-bi-ai / ODPi BI & AI Project
    ODPi BI and AI discussion list *Mission* * Increase the interoperability for the BI vendors on Hadoop * Propose an objective benchmark to evaluate the effectiveness of BI Tools on Hadoop * Promote practical guidelines on how to run AI model on Hadoop
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  • odpi-project-egeria / ODPi Egeria Discussion
    ODPi Data Governance and ODPi Egeria mailing list
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  • odpi-project-egeria-conformance
    Private email list for submission of ODPi Egeria Conformance applications and discussion on applications. The public can also submit feedback on conformant products to this list.
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  • odpi-staff
    ODPi staff email list
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  • odpi-technical / ODPi Techincal
    Public ODPi Technical discussion list. Join our Slack channel as well for more discussion ->
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