ODPi and our current global pandemic

John Mertic

ODPi Members and Community,

We are all in difficult and uncertain times without a doubt, with each of us now impacted by the global pandemic. My thoughts and heart goes out to each and every one of you, especially those personally affected by or have loved ones affected by COVID-19.  I encourage all of you to stay safe and ensure you are getting the facts on what’s going on - I’d highly recommend reviewing this presentation from Stanford professor of neurobiology and bioengineering Michael Lin on what we know about COVID-19 so far and how to deal with it, with extensive references to the latest research (as of 3/15).


You’ve undoubtedly had numerous messages from companies and organizations outlining their response and actions, so I won’t pile on there. What I will say open source and diverse collaboration are ways that help us stay connected to each other. Open Source COVID-19 is such a resource I came across the other day - here this project collects all open source sites related to nCoV/COVID-19. We’re also seeing companies setup and donating open source code and materials to help take on coronavirus.


That all said, what’s ODPi doing in light of this epidemic? Let’s dig in…


Egeria Metadata Show goes virtual


We’ve shifted the first Egeria Metadata Show, originally scheduled for London, to be a virtual event. From March 24th through March 26th, the Egeria community will have a series of presentations that will cover topics such as…


- Why Egeria is an open source project 

- The Egeria Journey so far 

- Design Lineage - ING Bank Perspective

- Metadata essentials for the data driven organisation 

- Everything Metadata 

- How to adopt the Egeria Framework

- Supporting ethical AI

- Industry Models and Business Glossaries

- Egeria and Cloud Pak’s

- Egeria driving Enterprise API's


To register for this event, head to All sessions will be recorded and made available after the event.


ICYMI: OpenDS4All project has launched!


We are quite excited to have announced the OpenDS4All project, which looks to bring together academic institutions to collaborate on data science education. 

I encourage you to both check out the various press articles covering the announcement, as well as review and provide feedback on some of the initial modules contributed. OpenDS4All will also be featured in several upcoming virtual events.


Helping the data community become more virtual


ODPi isn’t just focused on Egeria, it looks to be a steward to the data management and analytics community as a whole. With numerous events being cancelled and travel impacted for the foreseeable future, we are here to help.


If you have an open source project in the data management and analytics space that needs infrastructure to help collaborate such as web conferencing, video, or other virtual collaboration needs, please reach out to me personally and I will see how we can help. As a community we are stronger together - and the ODPi is here to facilitate that.


Where we go from here...


Weeks ago I surmised that 2020 will be a busy year for Open Mainframe Project and the entire open source mainframe community. The state of our world might have shifted our activities, but not our spirit.


If you haven’t already, follow ODPi on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date on the latest happenings ( which can be quite fluid considering the uncertainty in the world ahead ). Please also continue to share updates, articles, or blogs, with us at pr@... - our team is ready to support it through social promotions, digital marketing and more!


Thank you again for your support of ODPi!

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation and ODPi
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