ODPi BI & Data Science SIG 2nd Deliverable Discussion Minutes

Cupid Chan

Hello All:

Thanks for joining the call yesterday. Here is the summary and please let me know if you have any question. 

Date: 2018-01-31

Time: 17:00 EST

Greg Wallace
Cupid Chan
John Mertic
Hugo Sheng
Chris Larsen
Natasha Woods
Nitin Lamba
David Abbott
Benjamin Reyes
Moon Soo Lee

- Linux Foundation Marketing team offers the support to BI & Data Science SIG and will send a survey to the team of what help may be useful
- Format of the next deliverable
- Collaborate by this group like what we have done in the first release of “Data Science Notebook Guideline” (http://bit.ly/2hJRi8v?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base%3BubQNgjXjS%2BOQ0ra5nt%2FTOw%3D%3D)
- Send question(s) to vendor to solicit response
- Long list of question VS one question at a time. The group agrees a smaller set of question works better
- Content of the next deliverable
- Comparison of different BI/SQL Connector including Hive, Presto, Impala… etc 
- Best practice for BI tool to connect to both Hadoop and RDBMS
- Recommended BI architecture to query Hadoop
- How does BI running advanced analytics including Machine Learning algorithm on Hadoop?
- Others?
- Qlik mentioned that their Technical Marketing team may be a better participant in this group, instead of Partner Engineering team
- Nitin brought up a question about statistics of the previous release. 

Next Step
- confirm the question to be used to send to the vendor
- collect a list of potential BI vendors for the questions
- LF marketing team will check the first release statistics and share if we have received any feedback


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