ODPi BI & Data Science SIG 2nd Deliverable - BI on Big Data

Cupid Chan

Hello All BI & Data Science SIG members:

As some of you may have already known, in order to carry the momentum from our first deliverable “Data Science Notebook Guideline”, http://go.linuxfoundation.org/datasciencenotebookguidelines, we are conducting a surveys in 2018 for our publication focusing on BI and Big Data. ODPi has already sent out a note in last month’s newsletter. Moreover, I talked to the following representatives individually in the past few months to contribute content on behalf of their organizations. Can you please check and see if you know someone who may be interested to participate the survey with the right knowledge? 

MicroStrategy: Benjamin Reyes
Qlik: David Freriks
SAS: Jeff Bailey

There are 4 questions and responses are limited to 1 page per question. Please send the response directly to me or post to this group by 6/30/2018. Once we collect all feedback, we will start to compile and edit for publication, tentatively in Q3 2018.
  • What is the preferred BI/SQL Connector (Hive, Presto, Impala… etc ) for a BI Tool to connect to Hadoop? Why?
  • Best practice for BI tool to connect to both Hadoop and RDBMS
  • Recommended BI architecture to query data in Hadoop
  • How does BI running advanced analytics including Machine Learning algorithm on Hadoop?

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