ODPi BI & AI next deliverable

Cupid Chan

Hello LF ODPi BI & AI community:

I hope this email finds you and your family well in this unprecedented pandemic.

Over the past few months, I reached out to different leaders in the industry trying to come up with the next idea for our 2020 deliverable. Finally, we are settled to explore the possibility to build a “bridge” allowing BI tools connecting to an AI training model and see the results updating real time across multiple algorithms. That will make any BI platform easily snapping their matured and elegant interfaces on top of an AI engine as long as they are compliant with this bridge. 

For first stage (by 2020), we will focus on the “What” to be included in the implementation, i.e. specification of the bridge. Once the “what" is thoroughly vent out, we will then roll up our sleeves and figure out “How” to code it out in the second phase (later 2020 or early 2021). 

Even though there are already some committed leaders, I would like to open this up to a bigger community to make this initiative even more impactful. Please email me directly by next Friday 2020-05-01 if you want to be part of it and I can count you in my future coordination. 

Thanks and look forward to hear from you!

Cupid Chan
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